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If you would like a more detailed estimate, we also offer free in-home estimates. This allows us to see exactly how much you need to move, so we have a better idea of what we’re dealing with. This is a good idea if you have large or extra fragile items that might be tricky to move and might require some additional planning.


The main focus  of Movers in Toronto is on our moving and packing services – Home Art Moving is one of the best Toronto moving companies that has  good experience behind us and we know how to make their clients happy.  We strive to get the job done quicker and better than the rest. We provide moving services locally and to most parts of Canada.


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Today movers in Toronto have to work even harder to compete with their many competitors around which offer moving services in the most populated city in Canada.


We have been serving the Toronto area for over 15 years. We have a variety of trucks and equipment to get the job done faster and quicker.


We are familiar with a lot of the buildings in the downtown region and this can help us save you time on moving.  We also move very fragile items such as paintings and various other art around the Greater Toronto Area and beyond.




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